Thursday, July 26, 2012

A Few Projects

I've made a few projects lately that I thought I would share with everyone. First off is a 4th of July wreath for our front door. It's a fabric tie wreath, that was tedious, but fun to make. Especially when a girlfriend decides to make one as well and the kids play while we craft. We made a goal to have them done by Memorial Day, and we actually made it. Now that July is almost over, I need to figure out something else to put there! I don't know where we got the original directions, but they are all over Pinterest.

After I finished taking photos of the front door, I turned around to find my boys just hanging out watching the neighborhood! It was a very sweet sight to see!

We also put together a Fathers Day gift for Chris. He had to leave for his 2 week drill, so I found this cute idea with some fun printables from this site. That way he could have a few snacks while he was gone.