Monday, September 24, 2012

Big turns 4!

Big recently turned 4 on the 17th! It was kind of a crazy time for us. I had been out of town for work the week before and then that weekend we ended up driving to SD for my Grandmothers funeral. The funeral ended up being on the 17th, but we still tried to make Big's birthday special. 

One of the things he had been asking to do for quite a while was to stay in a hotel. So for his birthday and the fact that we were out of town, he got his wish! He didn't get to swim because there was no time but I still think he enjoyed it! Plus Grandma and Papa were in the room next door, so for that little one it doesn't get much better!

Before we left town to head back home, we stopped and let the boys pick out some pumpkins at a local stand.

We drove home that night and stopped at the store when we got home to pick up a cake. It pained me a little to be giving my 4 year old a store bought cake for his birthday, but he didn't seem to mind much!