Thursday, May 9, 2013

Isabella is 4 months old

Isabella is 4 months old! I weighed her last week and she is now up to 17 lbs. and wears 9 month clothing. Plus she doesn't seem to be slowing down any.

She still hasn't mastered rolling from her back to her stomach I started writing this but didn't get it finished. In the time it has taken me, Belle rolled over, so she can cross that off her bucket list! She can easily go from her stomach to her back. She loves to be sitting up (although she needs help) and loves the jumperoo! When we brought it upstairs a few weeks ago we need to have a ream of paper underneath her feet in order for her to be able to touch. That is no longer needed and she has learned to spin her self around in it to see the different toys. And just recently started making it bounce herself.

She loves when anybody will talk to her, especially other kids. Which is a good thing as big brother Jack would crawl into all of the toys/beds with her just to be closer!

She has started to eat oatmeal. The first few try's, she loved it, but now will eat some and tends to ignore the rest. She has started waking me up at 3:30 to eat, and I'm hoping this will end soon! It probably also means a growth spurt is coming!

(As a side note to all who have been waiting for this post, it's has taken me three days to upload the photos or this would have been posted a little bit sooner!)