Saturday, December 15, 2012

He's Back....

No poltergeist here, just our lovable elf Kiki! Kiki stopped by on December 1st to help Santa out and keep his eye on the boys. In case you have been living under a rock lately Kiki is our Elf on a Shelf that comes to stay with us during the Christmas season and reports to Santa each night on whether or not the boys have been good. He seems to get into some mischief himself each evening and the boys have to find him in the morning. Below is what Kiki has been up to this past week.

On Sat. the 1st, Santa mailed him to us and he brought along some magical tree seeds that he instructed the boys to plant in a bowl of sugar before they went to bed that night.

 On Sunday morning when the boys woke up, those magical seeds had transformed into Christmas tree cookies. I very neat trick I might add! The boys were amazed and even happier when they got to eat a cookie before breakfast!

On Monday, Kiki had turned our milk green. I've never seen Jack drink so much milk in one day. I had to give their teachers a heads up as to what our elf had done at home so they didn't wonder when the boys started drinking green milk.

On Tuesday we found Kiki drinking the syrup in our pantry through a straw!

On Wednesday, we found that Kiki and rolled down the stairs in a roll of toilet paper.

Thursday, we caught him playing a game of candy land with Alvin, Boots and the Ogre.

Friday he had written out a message that said "Be Good" in M&M's on our kitchen table.

During the day Kiki spends his time in the top of our tree. This way he has a good view of what the boys are up too so he can report back to Santa!