Sunday, October 18, 2009

A New Game

Today is the first day in the "Game", or in other words my new blog! I will now be updating this instead of the sharesite, so this will be the place to look for news. We are currently watching the Bears game, Jack is still up and going strong.

Chris recently talked me into getting a new Sony camera, and I must say I am loving it!!!! He knew I would, I just didn't think so right away. So in honor of that I am posting a photo I took of Jack today with my camera.

I love the clarity that the photos have! Jack was enjoying a snack of graham crackers after his 4 hour nap today. Needless to say I got A LOT done.

Notice his hair is a little shorter in front. Sat. Jack got his first hair cut. I was sad after getting it cut, but really like it now.

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