Monday, December 28, 2009

Happy Holidays

It's been awhile since I've posted and so this will be a photo heavy post. A lot has happened since November.

Yet again, I've found something to put Jack into. This time it was wrapping him up in Chistmas lights.

The whole Spieker Family.

Jack and Mommy!

Jack with Grandpa Spieker in Alexandria, for Christmas with that side of the family.

Jack sitting in Grandpa Berry's xmas gift before we wrapped it up.

Grandma Berry and Jack with Mocha. Or as he calls her Cocha. When we got home on Sunday, he walked around the house looking around saying "Cocha, Cocha". I don't think he could figure out why she wasn't at our house.

I noticed this photo makes her look like she's not happy with Jack, but I think the two of them had an understanding. Jack loved to walk over to her and give her hugs.

Jack in front of the tree before we opened gifts.

Jack snuggling in with his Spongebob Blanket he got from Olivia and Sophie! Thanks guys he loves it!

Chris and Jack outside in the 12" of snow that Aberdeen got.

Jack with Grandpa Berry and their mathing shirts.

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