Saturday, May 15, 2010

A full day...

Yesterday, we had a full day. The morning was bright and sunny out so we had breakfast and headed out on to the deck for some fun with bubbles and the slide. For our anniversary/mothers day Chris bought me a hammock to have outside. So today was a perfect day to finally put it together!

After Jacks nap the two of us sat on the floor and mixed up some chocolate chip cookies. Jack loves to help me cook.

Even with fresh baked cookies coming out of the oven, Jack wanted to eat a gogurt. His new favorite treat.

Chris had to close at Target, so he left for work around 3:00. Jack and I decided it was such a nice day out that we would head to the zoo. Jack cried when we left the house. Mostly because he was playing outside and I don't think he understood what the zoo was. He changed his mind when we got there.

Jack enjoyed feeding the animals in the petting zoo part. As you can see though, Lighting McQueen was always in hand!

After visiting Chris we headed home to cuddle on the coach and watch a movie. Jack decided then would be a good time to have a cookie. (He was right!) But I forget how tall he is getting and had the cookies to close to the edge of the counter, so he was able to help himself. I think he managed to pick out the largest one there was.

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