Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Daily Entertainment

When Chris has drill on the weekends, I have to find things to help occupy 2 small boys, so that I get a chance to breath! So this past weekend we broke out some arts and crafts to entertain.

I had just unpacked a box and thought it might be fun for Big to paint it like Rocket from Little Einsteins. We of course had no paint brushes, so before we could even begin this project we had to take a little trip to JoAnns. Which I am never apposed to! An hour later, we were painting rocket. I think I may need to invest in a paint smock soon.

Little wasn't very happy that he didn't get to paint the box too, so we gave him a brush and I got him to "paint" the tent we had set up.

Big thought this looked like far more fun than actually painting, so he ditched Rocket and helped "paint" the tent.

While on our shopping errand, Big found a bucket of Perler Beads (and who can really resist them right!) He has had more fun with those than I would have imagined. Again something Little can't play with, which royally ticks him off.

On a side note:

When you have two small boys in your house, they are both awake, and it is quiet...always ask yourself what have they gotten into. Today was no exception to this rule! Little likes to pull everything out of the bathroom cupboard as a daily routine, today I found he had then put himself back into it. Whatever makes you happy buddy!

Little also LOVES to help with the wash. He likes to put the clothes in the washing machine and then when they're done, take them out and hand them to me to put into the dryer. I had run upstairs to grab another load of laundry and came back down to find this. He had emptied half the box of dryer sheets out. My hands smelt like fresh air for quite awhile after putting all of those back.

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