Sunday, January 22, 2012

The Snowy Day

Today we got our first truly snowy day. Not to bad for being the middle of January already! I could get used to this! Note to self: Buy a Snow blower, shoveling 3 times in one day is not fun. The boys enjoyed the outdoors today, it was snowing but it was a nice temp outside and no wind. Although one seemed to enjoy it more than the other. Little still hasn't mastered walking in his boots. So he will pretty much just sit where ever you put him.

My 2nd shoveling Little came out to join me. He sat in the wagon for most of it, and then moved to the lawn chair in the garage.

For my 3rd shoveling, Big joined me outside. Little was in bed already. Big likes to help shovel and did a pretty good job today. Once we finished he made a few snow angels and then we came inside and warmed up with a cup of home made hot chocolate with marshmallows. Not a bad way to end a day!

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