Sunday, February 19, 2012

Spring is in the air...

Or at least it was yesterday! We had beautiful weather here yesterday. Temps were in the 40's! It was almost hard to believe. Then today mother nature decided to slap us back to reality and as I type this, it is snowing! I know right, I live in North Dakota and I shouldn't be so shocked by the fact that it snows in February, but COME ON! We have had such a gloriously mild winter, that one can dream that we might not see snow again until next winter right!?!

Although on a side note, my grass seed I'm sure is happy to see the snow. As well as my water bill and shoes that may have to trudge through the mud to set out the sprinklers! I was becoming slightly concerned that we just threw a boat load of money down the drain on grass seed that wasn't going to get enough water. I'm also envisioning water shortages and only certain days that we will be able to water. I would say to heck with it, but as there are about 3 cops that live within 1 block of me, I think that I may get in trouble if I didn't obey!

Due to the lovely temps the boys and I headed out to play on the driveway with some bubbles. Both were in heaven to be able to get outside and run a little. Big found a squirt bottle that I filled with water, with one stipulation, he couldn't squirt his brother. To my surprise he obeyed!

Here is Littles attempt to blow bubbles. He doesn't quite understand that he doesn't need to eat the bubbles in order to blow them. We tried to give him several lessons, but he was having more fun putting the wand in his mouth.

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