Tuesday, March 20, 2012


Today is officially the first day of spring. For ND we are having an unseasonably WARM Spring, but we are not complaining. There is no snow left, so as you can see from these photos, they are a little over a week old.

The other weekend it was so nice we had to get outside! Last year I picked up 2 squirt bottles in some stores dollar section (probably Target, but I can't remember), and those have been the prize toy outside for the last week. The boys have loved watering the "grass", the side of the house, washing the cars and anything else they I will let them squirt water at.

We also took a walk around the block. Little insisted on pushing the bubble mower, which was fine and I fully anticipated carrying it most of the way. To my surprise he pushed it the entire way! Big was the one who ended up hopping in the stroller a few times to ride.

Bubbles have also been a big winner outside for the boys. I think there was one day last week that they were both soaked in bubbles! We made sure that night was bath night!

My parents were up and while Little napped they were outside with Big and built this cute little snowman. (The only one of the season). He didn't last long though and not because he was melting!

You may have also noticed that the name of my blog has changed from "The Game of Life" to "Home Grown". I'm working on some branding currently and didn't think the The Game of Life would fly later on as it is already taken.

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