Monday, April 2, 2012


We started both boys in gymnastics this last session, thinking a little indoor gym time would benefit them both. This is Little's first go at it, and he's not 100% sure of it yet. Both boys sessions are during the same time (which is the only way to go). Big is now old enough that he is in the Tumble Tots group (which is sans parents). The first class he wasn't not sure he wanted to go back. He told me he wanted to be 6. (He continued to pick different ages in hopes of finding one that would allow him to be in the Parent Tot class, no such luck little buddy). Last week we learned that there was a girl named Isabella (his favorite character on Phineas and Ferb). So this week when we went he marched right into his room and started asking if Isabella was there. :) Unfortunately I won't have many photos from his session as the work in a room upstairs and the only way to watch them is on a TV outside the room.

Little I may have a few more photos for, but he is not that into having his photo taken. Plus he isn't comfortable enough to let me move away from him long enough to snap one. So we'll see how the session progresses.

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