Saturday, January 12, 2013

New Arrival

Our newest is now 2 weeks old, so I suppose it is about time to introduce her to the world of blogging. 

Isabella Macy was born on December 27 at 1:20 PM. She made quite the entrance into the world! Contractions started at about 7 AM, I told Chris he might want to keep his phone near him at work as I was thinking that it would be the day! My mom was here and had been since Christmas day. I wanted to keep the contractions coming as I was scheduled to be induced on Friday the 28th. I wanted to avoid that if possible so my mom and me decided to take the boys to the mall, so that I could walk and keep things moving. 

Before we got the boys in the car the contractions were getting strong enough that I had to stop what I was doing and let it pass. They weren't very long though and so I pushed to stick with our mall plan. Once there I held onto the stroller and my mom followed the boys. We stopped to look at the fish and let them run for a little while and finally I decided I wanted to be home for a while. My mom grabbed lunch for the boys and her and we headed home. On the way I called the hospital, as I was sure they would tell me to labor at home for awhile longer and come in later (that's what they did with Corbin). Sure enough I was told to try taking a warm bath and seeing what that did to the contractions. So I called Chris and let him know it was time for him to come home. While I was in the tub, Chris came home and packed up the car. I made it through 3 contractions and decided that it was time. 

I had secretly hoped to have a completely natural birth, no pain meds, but on the way to the hospital I threw that thought out the window and decided that I wanted a shot of pain meds. We got to the hospital and they took us up to a labor room. I had time to get into the gown and asked them if I could have the pain meds. I got an IV put in (I hate IV's and this was the reason for wanting to have a natural childbirth, no IV!) and they ordered the meds. When checked I was 8-9 cm, so they let the Doctor know. By the time she got to the room I was ready to push! It turned out I was to far along to get the pain meds. I guess I got my wish for a natural birth. I had to hold about 4 pushes while they got everything ready and after about 3 pushes Isabella made her appearance into the world!

I really didn't think that I was as far along as I was! Turns out we were only in the hospital for 15 min and she was born! The nurses all guessed at her weight, but were all in shock when the scale read 9lbs. 12 oz and 21 1/4 inches long.

She is beyond perfect and a wonderful addition to our family!

One VERY proud big brother! The first few days Corbin didn't want much to do with her. He has since warmed up.

Jack and Corbin in their big brother shirts.

Isabella with the flowers that daddy had delivered!

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