Saturday, October 22, 2011


For work, we had training in Philadelphia this past week. (Actually Conshohocken, but I'm not sure anybody really knows where that is.) One of the days we had a group scavenger hunt in downtown Philly! I had a blast with this, A: I am extremely competitive, and B: I got to take in some sights! A few of the things that I got to see were: the Liberty Bell, Benjamin Franklin's House Structure and where his print shop was, plus I got to eat an authentic philly cheese steak.

(I listened to the lady in front of me and ordered my cheese steak with provolone cheese, when I really should have had the cheese whiz. Next time.)

Plus it doesn't get any better than when your boss puts on some grungy man from the streets vest and poses for a photo! (In case you can't tell, there0 are rocks and coins glued all over the vest and hat.)

I also finally got to see a Take Care Clinic in person. After 2 years, it was probably about time.

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