Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Isabella is 9 months...and 8 months...and 7 months

Isabella is 9 months old, and all those others! As I had my boys birthdays the last two months and I can only post once a month (just kidding, but it seems that way!) I will just post all three together!
Miss Belle is now on the go, she has mastered crawling and will get into anything that she can find or was left out! She likes stairs (so we know have a gate up), she has also found the floor lamp and has pulled it over on several occasions already.
She is standing up and pulling herself up on everything. She thinks she should be able to walk, but does not have the balance figure out yet, although I'm not sure it will take long, she can stand longer by herself every day.
She likes to feed herself, but she still eats baby food most of the times, so that I make sure she is getting the nutrition that she needs. She also has 3 teeth now, but I'm sure more are on the way!
She continues to amaze us with all she is learning daily. And keep your eyes open on etsy as she has been modeling now stop lately and may even pop up in a few other places if you watch close enough!

And here is just a little bit of what she has been modeling lately!

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