Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Disney World - Part 1

We just got back from our trip to Disney World. It was wonderful! Not only was the weather beautiful (temps in the 70-80s), I was once again part of a co-parenting relationship! We got to spend 7 full days in Orlando, 5 were spent at Disney parks, 1 was spent at Universal and we had 1 low key day at the resort.
We didn't arrive in Orlando until 10:00pm, we met up with Chris at the airport and went straight to the hotel. The first night we stayed at Disney's Caribbean Beach Resort in a Pirate Themed Room. The boys and even Belle loved this! She kept trying to steer the bed.
We also got chosen to test the new Magicbands! All 5 of us LOVED them!

Our first day was spent at Animal Kingdom. The day was warm, but rainy, so  much better than snow. I did have to remind the boys of this fact several times through out the day! Jack caught a bug and wasn't feeling the best, but was a trooper anyway! Due to the rain, we saw more animals on the Kilimanjaro Safari ride than I have ever seen out! We made today a shorter day as we were all a little tired from the travel day the day before. We also had to check into our condo for the week, so wanted to allow time for that.
Day 2 was spent at EPCOT. It was a wonderfully warm day! However Corbin caught the bug today and wasn't feeling well. The day was again cut a little shorter than we had thought due to little ones not feeling well, but we still had fun and took in some great attractions.
Riding the Monorail to EPCOT. We could have driven, but it's way more fun to go this way!

Corbin loved meeting the characters (as did Belle), but Jack refused to even get out of the stroller for most of them. He had a select few he would meet.

Jack staying cool at the Cool Mist Coca-Cola Station. He wasn't too found of it when he found out it misted water on him. Not sure what he thought it was going to do.

Jack did like having his picture taken with some of the topiaries that they had out getting ready for the flower and garden festival.




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