Sunday, March 9, 2014

Disney World Part 2

Our 3rd day was spent at Universals Islands of Adventure. This was a must for the Super Heros for Corbin. (and I have been wanting to get to this park to see the Harry Potter World, it didn't disappoint)
The boys love the minions so were excited to see this blow up one right when we walked in. This was one of the first pictures Jack truly wanted to be in!
Corbin was all about hoping on the random things and taking pictures through out the park!

Before we could even get to the Super Hero area we ran into Woody Woodpecker. The boys have watched cartoons thanks to Netflix.

Once into the Super Hero land Corbin was a bit hesitant to meet the characters. So Chris willingly jumped in to help him out.

Although he refused to meet Wolverine (which is one of his favs). I think the actual claws scared him.

But Wolverine is a super cool guy and found us later to give Corbin a high five!

Captain America was a FAVORITE, by not just Corbin.

Isabella was in love!

And didn't want to leave. Captain America was just as shocked as we were, claiming the babies NEVER wanted to come to him! Belle has Captain America, I have Thor, who wasn't there :(

Next we moved into Jurassic Park Land, after a quick lunch in Toon Land.

And then onto Harry Potter World! As you can see Corbin was more than happy to jump in any photo, Jack didn't want to be in any and I wasn't about to take Belle out of the stroller all the time or she wouldn't get back in!

My first Butter Beer, and it was amazing!

Jack LOVED it too!

Then onto Suessland! The boys goofing around.

Belle getting a chance to do some exploring! She liked the flowers and plants.

After we left the park we had supper in Citywalk. Along the way there are several spots to take some photos. Again Corbs was all for jumping into them!

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