Friday, December 30, 2011

Happy 2012

First of all Happy 2012 to everyone!

It's hard to believe that another year has passed us by. We had a wonderful Christmas and I had an equally wonderful birthday! This is my last year in my twenty's, so I think I should live it up and make it a really great one! (Living it up for me, will most likely consist of staying up past 11 PM. Although on that same note, getting more sleep would maybe be a better way to live it up? I'll get back to you on this!)

New Years Eve for us was spent at home just the four of us. Chris and I had plans to head into the Twin Cities for the Bears vs. Viks game, but Chris has been sick this past week and still not feeling great, so we opted to stay home and hang out with the boys. All who know Chris assume he is probably on his death bed to be giving up watching the Bears play in person. I assure you he'll be okay!

With Big being a night owl (he stays up until well after 10 most nights, this is one of my resolutions, post coming soon, so if you have any tips I will gladly listen) he stayed up with Chris and I until the very end. About 12:45 to be exact! Needless to same he is still sleeping now.

It snowed in the morning here yesterday, but the temps were warm enough that it wasn't long after that it also melted. We do have snow on the lawn (or what will be our lawn if we don't shovel it up this winter) but the drive way is clear. The boys loved being outside yesterday and playing in the snow. Little was far happier sitting on the steps in the garage than in the snow. He still needs to learn how to walk in all of his snow gear!

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