Saturday, December 10, 2011

The Windy City.

Recently Chris and I were able to take a trip to Chicago, just the two of us! It was a very relaxing 4 days. We had things that we would like to do, but no really agenda in which to do them. We slept in until 8 to 8:30 each day and then lazily got ready and headed out the door. We stayed on Michigan Ave, so we were able to easily shop and see the sites. Michigan Ave at Christmas is B-E-A-utiful!

My favorite display (and not just because it's Disney's), it was just to clever! In case you can't read it, it says "Not a creature was stirring except for the (mickey's head here)"

The famous Garrett Popcorn! This stuff is amazing, and so worth the block long line you have to stand in to get it.

Night view from the top of the Hancock Observatory.

I think the highlight of Chris' trip came on the 2nd day when he got to go inside the Cadillac Studios/ESPN and meet Waddle and Silvy (They are the hosts of a Bears Radio Show, Waddle is also a former Bear) We made a sign that said "Tom Waddle made me cry!" and he held it outside the studio windows. And then his dreams were granted, they noticed it and invited him in for a photo! If you don't know why Waddle made him cry, you'll have to ask him. And trust me, he will be more than happy to share it with you!

After exhausting our shopping on Michigan Ave, we spent a day at the Field Museum. We probably could have spent several days there. It was filled with lots of very interesting exhibits and fun things to see. The Field Museum is also home to Sue, the most complete T-Rex skeleton they have found to date.

On our last day of the trip we took in a (you guessed it) Bears game. We were not originally planning on doing this, as tickets are pretty much outrageously priced! But with some advice from a friend we waited until the day of the game and jumped online to see what was left. Turns out we were able to get some great seats for a fraction of the price that they originally wanted! Merry Christmas Chris! (This definitely made shopping for him a whole lot easier this year!

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